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Notes from the Artist

Kolling Cards is greener today than yesterday,
  and intends to be greener tomorrow than today.”
                                                                                                            Cindy Kolling, owner of Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

Growing Greener Each Day


1.Reduce.     2. Re-use.     3. Recycle     4. Re-think.

Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! has long been known for attention to low impact production and careful choices of eco-friendly materials.  

Owner/Artist Cindy Kolling is aware that the increasing green movement means closer scrutiny and critical attention from more aware customers.  “I welcome it.  It is nice to know that people are paying attention- it’s encouraging and exciting!”

Kolling Cards is consciously and continually working to re- think ways of production, packaging, marketing, and is constantly seeking new information and resources with regards to materials and techniques that minimize impact to the environment on as many levels as possible. 

Each material choice is carefully reviewed regularly for its overall impact: 
Does it help educate and create awareness about going green? Does one choice actually create less overall waste or production impact than a seemingly more “green” material?  What are we going to do tomorrow to improve our “green” impact and responsible approach our environmental impact?

In addition to green conscious production; Kolling Cards concentrates on using local and regional suppliers and vendors whenever possible.

Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!

Since beginning in 1986, Kolling Cards products have been produced on uncoated, recycled paper with minimal packaging, low impact inks, and are shipped in reused shipping cartons and packing materials.
.... choose
 ...you and your customers will help us all move toward  GREENer!


Technical Notes from your Artist                                                                    
......Some artists weave, bead, weld, sculpt or cook...            

 “some like to color!

Closeup of colored leaves on Minne-Mural Coloring Art Poster by Kolling Cards and Things Made Here! © Artist Cindy Kolling  Gully Minnesota


Who colors Minne-Murals? 

Well, anybody who chooses to choose 
to disconnect for a bit 
and Claim some Re-connection Time!

Coloring is Good for you! 

To some people, coloring is a children-only activity.  Many adults also have discovered it is a simple, relaxing way to create and learn.  For some it's become a regular social activity... coloring party anyone?   

Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art posters are produced with non-toxic components  and of course, kids certainly do enjoy them while growing their own coloring skills and learning more about nature, history, heritage and science.

Did you know that over-connected teens and adults are recognizing the relaxing stress relieving qualities, and creative opportunities of coloring. Yes! Minne-Mural Coloring Art is recognized by people of all ages as the perfect activity for sharing a creative relaxing time a friend, sibling, child, parent or grandparent!   Whether coloring alone, one on one or together in groups; coloring is rewarding. 


Make New Connections

Minne-Murals™  introduce new connections to Nature, History, Heritage and Science through carefully researched topics as an extension of a visiting experience to a favorite or new family vacation area, a museum, a monument or park, a heritage event or to enhance a place or time in history.  Enhance and preserve those memories by actively participating in the creation of your trip remembrance.   


Disconnect and Reconnect!

Minne-Murals allow a reconnection with family and friends: they make a great joint activity project or gift as a finished piece.  Share the coloring or just share the quiet time, (or not so quiet time) and visit while you each color your own poster.

The fact is: coloring is for pretty much all ages.  And skill levels… Even beginning color artists create pleasing results with Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters.  And… the more you color, the more advanced your coloring skills get!  Save your works, and compare your progress!

 What makes Minne-Murals™ so special?

 Minne-Mural ™ Coloring Art Posters are really interesting!

Minne-Murals are interesting, interactive and sometimes complex... that's what makes them so much fun.  Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters are about nature, history, heritage, science and other really interesting things "Out-There!"  Careful research goes into the subjects and includes input and review from field experts to ensure accuracy and good details.

As a bonus, there is an informative write-up on the back of each poster. 

Coloring Minne-Murals is like going on a field trip into a whole new place or rediscovering a place you have been through the eyes of a coloring artist 


Minne-Murals™ are original designs hand-drawn for you by Your Artist!

After all the research and homework, the "art" takes over. 

Each design is intricately drawn by hand by a real artist (not computer-generated) specifically for you to color into a frame-able poster. With you in mind… the designs vary in complexity and attitude.  Standard frame or mat size opens up a wide possibility of presentation opportunities for the finished piece.    

Original design and creative styling keep the designs fresh, fun and interesting. 

A signature feature to look for in all Minne-Murals designs is the arch-shaped border around the main scene (sometimes you have to look hard to see it), and a special place to sign your coloring work before hanging. (Really you should date it too!)
All the designs are hand-drawn with pen and ink.  First rough shapes are sketched in pencil. Details are worked in with a fine technical pen, using real objects, photographs or memories for reference.  Very fine point technical pen and lines are “built” into variable thickness adding depth and interest to the drawing.  The detailed hand drawn work adds substance to the drawings not usually connected with coloring mediums.    

Varied shading techniques such as stippling (tiny dots of ink to create shadow: the closer the dots, the darker the shadow) and crosshatching (short parallel hatch-marks are crisscrossed with similar hatches to create interesting shadow and depth) and long parallel lines through a particular facet of the drawing, similar wavy lines, or tight zig-zags are also used when appropriate.  Look closely at your Minne-Mural and see what drawing techniques you find.

Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters are meant to be originally Colored by You!

Minne-Murals are deliberately not made to be like “paint-by-number” kits, which provide a numbered key to coordinating paint colors, where everyone turns out a nice picture… just like everyone elses! 

Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters encourage your own individual, unique style and color choices.  It’s your picture… you color it!

Basic Coloring Techniques:

Developing your Color Skills:   

The more you color... the more challenging shading, color-mixing and medium blending you'll want to attempt.   See what you can do!  Once you start, you won’t want to stop…

Coloring can implement the same techniques as drawing:  fine line markers or color pencils can be used to stipple, crosshatch or zig-zag. Recognition of highlights, lowlights and color variations will develop with practice, experimentation and observation.  So let’s get to it!

To get additional depth into the piece, there can be a mixture of colors overlaid or intermixed in the techniques.  Challenge yourself.


The Color Wheel

It’s one of the great reference tools a color artist uses to make new colors.  How many times do you hear a young coloring child say, “…but I don’t have green!”  Once you become aware of the color wheel, you will know that a mix of blue and yellow makes basic green!  With more practice you’ll learn that adding a little red gives you a new shade of “drab” green, useful in coloring leaves, grass or a tree line. Adding blue will help with shading.  

Blue stippled or blended over solid yellow may get just the right shade of green, mixing blue and red will give the appearance of violet…Green over red gives you brown.   Violet over brown gives you ….? Try it!  

Practice... Practice..... 
Start slow, by adding just a little color, build on it to get the affect you need,.  Experiment by adding different colors to the edges to add shadows or depth.   

Gentle circling is a nice way to blend colors and add shadows... particularly with the colored pencils. Need more highlight? Try an eraser to "lift" some of the color if you need to add highlights.

Markers are bolder and more defined.  By using the same color wheel tool,  you can make new colors (or create an optical illusion of new colors).  You can overlay colors directly, but with markers, you may find the stippling effect to be just what you need.  Red dots next to blue dots will give an illusion of violet from a little distance.  Put more red dots as highlights and more blue dots where you want shadows and see what happens!  

the Eye of an Artist

Soon, you will be looking at everything--  real trees, flowers, buildings and animals -- with a new eye. 
Developing the eye of an artist is really just about “paying attention”.
You’ll find yourself noticing new colors in the bark of a tree, new highlights on the leaves and more details in the flowers.  You'll want to recreate shadows on a morning hillside and the sky as the sun sets.  

Developing Your Own Style

Your individual use of these techniques will be tweaked with practice. New techniques will evolve.  This is called “style”. 
Each coloring artist will lean toward their own favorite techniques, color choices, vividness, and depth of blending. 
Development of technique sets each coloring artist apart from the pack.  

Some artists search for their style for many years, others find a style right away although it changes for each individual artist as they develop their own unique approach.

Either way, it’s the adventure of the journey through the world of discovering color and light that is the real reward! 

(That… and having an awesome poster -- colored and signed by you -- on your wall to remember your trip!) 

So, Color on...

Play with varying techniques and try out some new approaches…. let us know what you've tried and how it turns out.

Now go on and

"color!" … because as we know...it’s not just for kids!

back home again 




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