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Minne-Murals tm Coloring Art Posters:
These detailed doodlers are the perfect trip activity, a great rememberance, and awesome wall art. Suitable for presentation in a standard 11 x 14 " frame. The carefully researched, original, hand-drawn designs are good for hours of creative fun.  non toxic Markers or Color Pencils are supplied with encouragement to add multi-media enhancement to the project. More than a hundred designs available plus the "Off- the Request Line" option for specialized designs. (recycled paper- minimal packaging- long life of use)  Made Green in the USA.

Minne-Mural Coloring Art Posters from Kolling Cards are suited to a wide range of ages!  Click on the technical notes 
and get a start on your own unique advanced style of coloring! 

Off the Request Line
an excellent way to Showcase Your Place!   
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